• Our policies are defined by senior management within the company and reviewed annually to make sure they are aligned with current industry standards and requirements.

    We are always looking for ways to further improve the quality of our relationship with our clients, minimize errors and streamline and innovate our construction practices. We continually looking for ways to foster and support our greatest resource – the intelligence and ingenuity of our staff, contractors, and vendors. We will continue to embrace policies and procedures that support our objectives, and modify or discontinue those that do not.

  • We listen and discuss the individual needs of each project with the client before the contract is signed, so both parties have a clear understanding of the work to be performed, and all the project specifics.

  • We strive to integrate the best in modern building techniques with the best of traditional craft skills. And we put the financial resources necessary to continually upgrade our equipment and facilities so we can achieve the very best work product for our clients.

  • Technical Note: Standards and Local Building Codes

    The design and construction of virtually all residential construction must adhere to the building codes that are governed by local and state laws. State and local governments typically adopt nationally recognized codes, often with state or local amendments. Local and national codes rely heavily on standards for building products established by national professional and testing groups. Collectively, these standards have a significant impact on the type of construction permitted in a specific area.

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